After-sales Service Center

1. Our company provides free training to relevant personnel of your company;
2. Our company is responsible for free installation and commissioning of the equipment, and lifelong paid maintenance;
3. The whole machine shall be guaranteed for 1 year (except for wearing parts) and maintained for a lifetime with compensation.
4. After-sales service response time: within 2 hours, after receiving a repair call from the user, the after-sales engineer will give a definite reply or arrive at the equipment site within 24 hours.
5. Man-made damage. Natural disaster, force majeure factors, unauthorized modification is not covered by the warranty. Strictly comply with product standards and conduct multiple quality checks.
6. Internet remote service and telephone service.
Professionally trained engineers provide technical support and services to users worldwide through the network. I mainly use QQ, WeChat, Teamviewer and other social software to quickly and intuitively judge faults online remotely, and deal with them in a timely manner, so as to ensure better use of equipment by users
7. Professional, meticulous and perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system, providing guarantee for users' uninterrupted processing, installation guide, maintenance guide, unloading guide, training guide, etc.